This is the privacy statement for


This is the privacy statement of

We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information (data) in line with current data protection laws. This privacy notice explains how we collect and use your personal data and tells you about your privacy rights. We’ve split the information into sections so that you can click through to the areas you need.

1. About us and our privacy notice

This notice explains how we, Greenwich Broadband Limited, use your personal data.

Personal data is information which relates to a person who has been, or could be, identified from it. Examples may include a person’s name, address, email address and other personal details.

The personal data of yours that we use includes: • details we collect about you when you use our websites and apps • information provided when you use or receive our services, and • information we receive from other sources.

We will usually be the ‘data controller’ responsible for how and why personal data is used. We may sometimes use personal data on behalf of another organisation, as that organisation’s ‘data processor’. In this case, that other organisation will explain how your personal data could be used.

We use different types of personal data. This includes information you give us and information we create when providing services to you or other customers or if you interact with us in other ways (for example, if you make deliveries to us). It may also include information you give us about another person.

2. Information about marketing


We would like to keep in touch with you, by post, email, phone, social media or online, about our products, services and offers that might interest you. You can choose whether you want to receive these communications and can opt out at any time.

We have a legitimate interest in promoting our products and services, but if you ask us not to send you marketing communications, we won't send them. In particular, when we collect contact information that we would like to use to send you marketing, we will give you the opportunity, at that time, to tell us not to send it.

Making sure our marketing messages are relevant to you

We want to make sure the information we send you about our products and services is relevant to you. To do this, we may use your personal data to help us understand your interests better. We may also use details of your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet (including its IP address) to check you are linked to the right web page after clicking on one of our online adverts. If you visit our websites, we may also use cookies to tell us which marketing to send you. Please see section 11 below for information about cookies.

These approaches help us to make our communications more relevant and interesting for you. Looking at the web pages you’ve visited and the things you’ve bought helps us to understand you as a customer better and allows us to provide personalised services, content, communications and online advertising. We may also measure how you respond to our marketing communications to help us understand how effective they are and offer you products and services that better meet your needs.

If you don’t want us to personalise our marketing messages to you in this way, you can opt out of personalisation. If you do this, we will not send you any more marketing communications. Please see section 11 below to find out more about how you can control whether we use cookies in marketing to you.